Specialty Teams

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Ulster hose provides a FAST Team to a number of neighboring departments in Ulster County as well as Dutchess County. As a firefighter assist and search team (FAST) or rapid intervention team (RIT), we provide manpower and equipment at the scene of building fires. The job of the FAST Team is to standby outside of the building in case a rescue of a firefighter becomes necessary. That shall be the only job of the fast team unless otherwise told.

Truck 1 serves as the FAST Team unit and is equipped with all of the necessary tools that may be necessary. These tools include saws, pike poles, rope bags, axes, halligans, stokes basket, and a Scott RITPAC II.


The Ulster Hose Dive Team was established in 1982 and since its inception has been progressive in the development of its rescue capabilities in SCUBA, ice rescue, swift water, and flood. The UHFD Dive Team is a rapid deployment team staffed with public safety divers and tenders that can operate in all weather conditions and is available for deployment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The dive team routinely provides mutual aid throughout Ulster County and to Dutchess and Greene Counties.


The Ulster Hose Rescue Task Force works and trains closely with law enforcement agencies in case of an active shooter situation. The team is comprised of EMTs and firemen, with EMTs providing basic life support to any patients and firemen assisting with the removal of the patient from the “warm zone” of an incident.

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