Banquet Night…and a fire in the first due…

Last night, the officers and members enjoyed a night out at our annual banquet. A big thanks goes out to the Glasco Fire Company for hosting our banquet for the second year. Thanks to Glasco for also standing by at our headquarters to cover the district while we were out.

As members were making their way home from the banquet, Ulster Hose was dispatched for a room on fire on the second floor at the Hampton Inn Hotel. Ulster PD arrived first with smoke showing on the first floor. Engine 4, Truck 1 and Glasco arrived first. Engine 4 hooked to the standpipe and Glasco stretched a pre-connect to the second floor. Crews were able to hold the fire with a water can. All crews performed primary and secondary searches on the second, third, and fourth floors, all negative. With only a few rooms experiencing some smoke and physical damage, the hotel was able to remain open, with cleanup crews enroute early this morning.

2017-04-02T22:44:51-04:00April 2, 2017|
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