Fire Station

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Ulster Hose Headquarters

830 Ulster Avenue Kingston, NY

Ulster Hose Headquarters at 830 Ulster Avenue

Ulster Hose Station 2

2333 Route 9W Lake Katrine, NY

Ulster Hose Station #2 at 2333 Route 9W
Ulster Hose Communications Center, which includes three desktop computers and a large radio display for communicating with members on scene, mutual aid departments and Ulster County 911
Communication Center

The Communication Center at Headquarters is utilized for communication with members on scene(s), Ulster County 911 and Mutual Aid departments, as well as gathering additional information.

The ready room at Ulster Hose, complete with a large, custom table, chairs, a coffee machine, a desktop computer and a TV. Members utilize this room to debrief before and after calls and to write reports.
Ready Room

The Ready Room at Headquarters is utilized for members to file reports following a call, debrief and chat before and after runs, and is complete with a custom wood table in the middle, chairs, and a coffee machine. Members sign-in for calls and events on a tablet attached to the wall here as well. Updates are posted on whiteboards, and a television hangs for entertainment between activities.

Lieutenant Office

Ulster Hose elects eight lieutenants, who serve as part of the firematic officer line (chiefs and captains as well). They have their own office where they can work on a variety of tasks, including truck checks, repairing equipment, filing reports, and holding officer meetings.

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