Hello & Welcome,

First, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our web site. This is not the first time Ulster Hose is in cyber-space. In 2000 we had started a web-site that was dedicated to our hosting the New York State Firemen Bowling Tournament. Currently, this is the beginning of a web-site dedicated to all aspects of our commitment to our community.

There are two sides to our organization. First and foremost is the commitment we have taken in providing fire protection and Emergency Medical Service. This consists of a group of officers, along with men and women fire fighters. Second, there is a side the public does not see and that is the Administrative side of our organization. A small subset, of our firefighters, have been elected into roles of our administration. As President I oversee the administration, which consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms. Also included are several Boards and committees. The Review Board which provides recommendations on new applicants, By-Law changes, and discipline, the Board of Directors which oversees our Finances, and our Board of Trustee dedicated to watch over our investments and plan for our financial security in the future. So why do we need such a large administration? Basically we are volunteers in the busiest volunteer Fire Department in Ulster County and surrounding counties. This takes a toll on keeping people motivated to continue to volunteer their time and the time of their families. So the administration must provide a means to maintain moral for our membership.

We have been incorporated as a fire Department since 1944. From the late 1940’s until 1987 we were responsible for maintaining, the fire house, the fire equipment, and the grounds. In 1987, when we moved from the old fire house (currently being used by STS Tire) to our new location, the building and grounds maintenance became the responsibility of the Board of Fire Commissioners

I can say with great pride that I am a member of Ulster Hose. Our firematic & EMS support of our community is well respected by our peers. But what impresses me the most is how we give back to the community in other ways. We came together and raised over $50,000 for our fallen brethren in the New York City Fire Department after 9-11.

Yes, Welcome to Ulster Hose. I look forward to keeping you updated on our future endeavors.

Thank You,

Fred Heppner., President

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