Ulster Hose & Fire District Receive ISO Rating

The Ulster No. 5 District and Ulster Hose Co. 5 are pleased to inform residents of the fire district that the Insurance Service Office also known as ISO, has completed its analysis of the district’s structural fire suppression delivery system. As a recent result of this survey the fire district has recently been advised by the ISO that is has received one its highest ratings. The fire district has attained the Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating 3/3 Y.

ISO’s Public Protection Classification Program (PPCP) plays an important role in the underwriting process utilized by insurance companies. Most United States insurers use the PPCP information on their decision making process to decide what business to write, coverage to offer or prices to charge for personal or commercial property insurance. Each of these insurers will independently determine the premium it charges to its policy holders utilizing the PPC information. The insurers’ use of the ISO information pertaining to public fire protection depends on several factors including the company’s fire-loss experience, rate making methodology, underwriting guidelines and its marketing strategy.

As a result of ISO’s continuing research and loss experience analysis it identified additional differentiation in fire loss experience which results in a favorably revised classification for the Ulster No. 5 Fire District. ISO’s information pertaining to differing fire loss experience was based on the district’s improved fire suppression capabilities. The new classification should improve the predictive value for insurers while benefiting both commercial and residential property owners.

ISO has determined that communities whose PPC ratings improve often times get lower insurance premiums. Its PPC program also provides fire departments with a valuable benchmark and has been used by the Ulster Hose Fire Company and the Ulster No. 5 Fire District as a valuable tool when planning budgets and justifying fire protection improvements.

In its report to the fire district ISO complimented the assistance and support which it received from Ulster Hose Chief Shawn Heppner as well as other members of the fire department and community. ISO pointed out in its report that the community baseline information which it provided to the fire department and the fire district is an
“essential foundation upon which determination of the relative fire protection is made using the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule.” ISO noted that this classification is a direct result of the information which it gathered and is dependent upon the resource levels devoted to fire protection available to our community.

ISO also pointed out in its report that it is the leading supplier of data and analytics for the property/casualty industry. Most insurers use the PPCP categories for underwriting and calculating premiums for residential, commercial and industrial properties. While the PPC Program is not intended to analyze all aspects of a comprehensive structural fire suppression delivery system most insurers use PPC classification for underwriting and calculating premiums for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

James Bracco, Chairman of Ulster No. 5 Fire District, recently stated that he is proud of the efforts made not only by the Board of Fire Commissioners in maintaining a very high standard for its apparatus, equipment and training but also to Chief Heppner and the members of Ulster Hose Co. 5 for their continued training, readiness and dedication to the fire service and their community. Chairman Bracco also added that while Ulster Hose Co. 5 continues to have many fine and dedicated firefighters; new volunteers are always welcome.

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